Retreats, courses and workshops

Throughout the year we offer various activities.

  - YOGA AND MEDITATION RETREATS: we organize a weekend retreat for each season, focused on the energy of each season. In summer we organize more extensive retreats, in which we deepen in all areas of being.

  - COURSES: we propose different courses focused on evolving in a deep, intimate and heartfelt way.

  - WORKSHOPS: for each season we organize a day focused on the element of that time, working the corresponding organ and emotion. In addition to these workshops, we also organize others of a more artisanal.



 - AUTUMNAL YOGA RETREAT, from October 26 to 28, 2018, more information HERE.

 - SUMMER YOGA RETREAT, from July 15 to 20, 2018, more information HERE.

 - SPRING YOGA RETREAT, from April 13 to 15, 2018, more information HERE.

 - WINTER YOGA RETREAT, from January 19 to 21, 2018, more information HERE.



  - AUTUMNAL WORKSHOPS - Sunday, September 23, 2018, more information HERE.